About Us

Disinfection and Pest Control Services (DPC) focuses on creating hygienic environments for commercial and residential properties. DPC provides a full range of Fumigation Services and Pest Control Services nationwide.

DCP is an ISO9001-certified service provider in Pakistan. DPC is associated with renowned A-class national and multinational companies in Pakistan. DPC believes pest control is a highly specialized subject. The choice of suitable practice for controlling a pest problem requires thorough knowledge, of the behavior of the particular insect, its life cycle, and changes imposed on it by weather and season. A dependable company must have the ability to recognize these differences, indispensable in diagnosis and in evolving a strategy for long-lasting control.

DPC has a team of skilled professionals who strive to deliver high-standard services.

DCP works in the industrial, residential, and commercial sectors offering pest control services, disinfection services, water tank sanitation, bed bug treatment, termite control, cockroaches, rodent control, mosquitos control, and many more.